Monthly Topics

Monthly Session Topics can be found on our website linked below, with a brief description and a link to the PDF.   All notes are copyrighted.  If you’d like to use these notes for small groups, please contact

Staying Emotionally Connected, Yet Independently Strong:  Redefining Military Dependant
The War of the Mind:  What-If vs. What-Is:  Harnessing the Power of Imagination.
Avoiding Toxic Relationships:  Finding a Battle Buddy
Commitment is Not an Event:  Choosing to Love
What to Expect for R&R:  Soldier, Spouse and Child
What If He Says “I Don’t Love You Anymore”?  The Truth About Divorce
Taking Care of Yourself:  Spirit, Soul and Body Health
He’s Not Your Girlfriend:  A Tale of Two Brains:  Why Do I Feel Like We Speak Different Languages?
The Elephant In The Room:  Finances:  Before, During and After Deployment
Combat Stress Reactions and Your Marriage:  What is “Normal”?
Redeployment 101:  Honor the Soldier: Honor the Family
Homecoming Anxieties:  Being Flexible Means Being Prepared!monthly-topics


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