Why We Celebrate: Three Americans to Remember

4 Jul

This is my husband’s platoon during their deployment to Afghanistan in 2010.

On this very special 4th of July in 2012, I think of the ladies of the 3/1 whose Soldiers were serving in Afghanistan this time last year.  It is for them, that I write this blog.  Even for those whose Soldier did not return, yet gave the ultimate sacrifice.  And also for Megan, whose dear Ollie came home with two mangled legs and a heart in need of mending.

For all of you, I share these three “whys”, which always seems to be the unspoken question in time of hardship.

Why do we celebrate?

“Why?” is for Ms. Lou who came from Korea as a refugee by way of a raft from the Philippines, where she said people chose not to marry or have children hoping for a better chance of being selected for a space (to the states) that was “won by lotto”.  She wanted a better life for her children and her children’s children.  Ms. Lou came to the United States of America with nothing but hope for the future.  Today, Ms. Lou is a U.S. citizen, with two beautiful children who have gone on to establish and distinguish themselves as educated professionals with families of their own.  She and her husband own a home, working hard, and living the American dream in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Ms. Lou is the first of three generations of Americans, and one answer to the question “why do we celebrate?”

Why do we serve?

“Why?” is for Ms. Kay, who arrived in the United States in 1976 from India, speaking no English, with a mere $8 to her name.  Ms. Kay worked for cash cleaning hotel rooms, pursuing opportunity and the American dream.  Now nearing her 60th birthday, she and her husband own one of the top-rated hotels in Albuquerque, NM.  She says, “In America everyone has opportunity if they are willing to work hard”.

Ms. Kay is a first generation American citizen, whose two children have gone on to careers in engineering and medicine.   They are one answer to the question “why do we serve?”

Why do we sacrifice?

“Why?” is also for an unnamed spouse, whose sweet young husband was killed in Afghanistan while serving with the 3/1, and the two children he left behind.  Because these two boys have the opportunity to grow up in Lou and Kay’s America!  To be whoever and whatever they want to be in this great land of opportunity!

This spouse and her children are one more answer to the question “why do we sacrifice?”

And we are grateful.

Why do we celebrate our nation’s independence?  Why do we serve our country?  Why do we sacrifice for this, our nation?   Because here lies HOPE!

Happy Independence Day!

Jill Bozeman is a committed, 17 year Army Wife, and the founder and dirctor of Operation Faithful Support, Inc, a grassroots, pro-marriage educational support program for the spouses of deployed service members.  She and her husband, SFC Wade Bozeman, and their two children are stationed in Fort Knox, Kentucky.  For more information about OFS, please visit www.operationfaithfulsupport.com.

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