Introducing: Child Art Cards

7 Nov

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” ~Unknown

It can sometimes slip away from us during deployment that our children are not simply an extention of ourselves.  The lines of distinction can be blurred when you can’t take so much as a shower alone for a year.  Trying to keep children out of your bed, out of your business, out of the bathroom when you need a moment, can make it seem like they are some sort of premordial attachment with whom we share feelings, emotions, food, and even skin, for heaven’s sake!   We must, however, purpose the distinction; we must remind ourselves that while we are missing a husband, they are missing a father.   They have a completely different experience than we spouses.  Being the child of a deployed service member is unique; distinct, and deserving of an independent expression.  

At our last session, Operation Faithful Support invited  the children of 3/1 IBCT, as well as 19th EN BN spouses who volunteer with OFS to express their deployment experience in the form of an art contest, themed “My Military Family”.   We had approximately 75 unique submissions, each an heartfelt expression of the child’s love for their family, honoring their Solider-Daddy.  It was tough, but the board of directors grueled over the submissions with heart in hand.  We selected 12 designs to be featured in an assorted package of message cards, to be made available for purchase in support of the Operation Faithful Support program.  All profits will go directly to serving spouses and their families.  The winners are:  Jocelynn Collard, 4 year old daughter of Sgt. Christopher Collard; River Horn, 4 year old daughter of Sgt. Joshua Horn; Dakota Harmon, 5 year old daughter of Spc. Milan Harmon; Kendall Edwards, 5 year old son of Spc. Dwayne Edwards; Kalani Whitney, 5 year old son of Sgt. Marlen Whitney;  Haily Ruckman, 9 year old daughter of Ssg. Aaron Ruckman;  Lyndsey Shillito,  7 year old daughter of 1Sgt. Ty Shillito, Raina Frausto, 7 year old daughter of Spc. William Frausto;   Clara Lucas, 8 year old daughter of Cpt. Steve Lucas, Mia Santos, 6 year old daugther of  Ssg. Ulysses Santos;  Mason Sullivan, 5 year old son of Sgt. Shawn Sullivan; Allanah Morgan 6 year old daughter of Spc. Aaron Morgan.     

We congratulate our winners, and invite you to support our organization by purchasing a set, or several sets for yourself or as gifts.  Each card has the unique design expression of a service member’s child, with the child’s name, age, and service member being honored on the back of the card.  Some designs were titled by the child, with sentiments such as, “Missing Daddy is Sad”, “Daddy Comin’ Home for R&R”, and “The Army is in My Heart”.  

Visit our online store at to order yours today. 

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