Welcome to Operation Faithful Support!

8 Sep
As an all-volunteer military endures the brunt of an nine-year war on two fronts, we are seeing a pattern of brokenness in the family unit that amounts to a nothing less than a war on the home front.  It is not “business as usual” for military families under these strenuous circumstances.
While the Department of Defense has come a long way in providing resources and tools to help families, it lacks the personal relationship that is required to reach into the everyday lives of the hurting spouses to bring help and healing.
Operation Faithful Support is a unique spouses program centered on building relationships.  The dynamics of each group is far-reaching, from the spouse of a Private enduring her first deployment, to the seasoned senior spouse who knows the ins and outs, and then some.  Each individual comes with unique experiences of survival, and accomplishment, ready to give and take from the group, whose focus is on strengthening marriage during what others may say are impossible times.
Ideally, Operation Faithful Support  consists of 15-18 monthly sessions, beginning immediately after the servicemembers deploy, with the topic “Staying Emotionally Connected”, and will continue meeting once a month with a “target topic” and an open discussion facilitated by the group leader.  Topics include such subjects as “What to Expect During R&R”, and “Redeployment 101”.  Each session also employs an  “action assignment” to keep the spouses focused on their goal throughout the month.  These sessions will continue throughout deployment and into reintegration.
Stay tuned for more topics and posts to come!

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